Labour Party hit by poignant metaphor

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The Labour Party has been hit by a poignant metaphor as their election battle bus broke down on the first day of campaigning.

In a turn of events which has led to people sadly nodding their heads at how appropriate it all is, the people carrier failed to start and sat at Labour Party HQ without moving as observers stared at it and wondered where it had all gone wrong.

A variety of explanations were offered for the failure, from there being nothing in the tank to the engine being composed of disparate parts which were just incompatible.

Still others suggested that the driver was to blame, and cited a lack of experience and an inability to get the gears to engage.

It was also proposed that the wheels might have come off entirely.

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Labour bus breaks down

However, the most popular theory was that despite appearances to the contrary, there just isn’t anything under the hood.

The metaphor was extended as specialists called out to look at the problem suggested that the problem was serious and long-standing, and the vehicle would take a lot of rebuilding work before it would run properly again.

In other news, it was also revealed today that the Liberal Democrat battle bus is so long and unwieldy it cannot make tight left turns, which is just the gift that keeps on giving.