Idris Elba wins lead role in new Roger Moore biopic

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Luther star Idris Elba is to play Roger Moore in a biographical depiction of the life of the former James Bond actor.

Elba had been the bookmakers favourite for the role of Roger Moore for many years, but only now have studios managed to conclude a deal for the English star.

Producer Simon Williams told us, “Idris is one of this generation’s great actors, and we couldn’t be happier to finally have him in place to play the guy who played James Bond.”

“He has wowed audiences of The Wire, Luther and even with a comedic turn in the American version of The Office – he has everything it takes to bring this role to life.”

However Roger Moore himself has questioned the Elba’s ability to accurately portray the man who played James Bond.

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He told reporters, “I’m sure Idris is a fine actor, but I’m just not sure he is quite eyebrow-ey enough – I just don’t see him being able to do them justice.”

“Roger Moore is eyebrows, and Idris Elba isn’t eyebrows.”

Idris Elba to play Roger Moore

Fans have also taken to online forums in their dozens in outrage at the news.

Writing in the comments on the Daily Express’ coverage of the news one fan wrote, “God, Roger Moore is English and Idris Elba is from Hackney – that’s just not English enough!”

Another wrote, “You’re all dancing around the real reason Idris can’t play the man who played James Bond.”

“He’s too tall, obviously.”