Fracking industry demands cute little girl with pigtails as regulator

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Representatives from the UK fracking industry have called the current regulatory system ‘complex and relatively unapproachable’, demanding a new one led by a cute little girl with pigtails.

“The complexity of the regulatory framework has led to a lack of confidence in fracking as a technology,” said a cloven-hoofed representative of the fracking companies.

“It’s got nothing to do with the fact with we want to pump a periodic table’s worth of chemicals under Junior Schools around the countryside.”

Fracking companies are proposing a new regulatory framework that consists of the little girl with pigtails and a big ‘YES’ stamp.

“The little girl with pigtails is purely to make our regulatory system more approachable for the public.”

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“To suggest that it would advantage the industry to have a regulator whose opinion can be swung by a new doll and a lollipop is outright cynicism,” continued the representative, scratching a horn.

Fracking regulator

There does seem to be a flaw in the industry’s plan however, we spoke to Charlotte, a five-year-old with pigtails from Sussex.

“Work for the fracking companies? Fuck off. I’m five, I was hoping to make it until at least nineteen before I had to sell my soul.”

But the industry representative would not be deterred.

“I am confident we can find a little girl to serve the dark one, I mean, the fracking industry,” he said, before disappearing in a puff of sulphur.

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