Pop stars shouldn’t sexualise themselves insists singer with globally recognised arse tattoo

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Today’s female pop stars do not have to overly sexualise themselves, according to pop-star Cheryl Fernandez-Versini who has an arse that everyone everywhere has seen.

Young female artists should not feel the need to use sex to sell records according Cheryl, as she announced plans to only wear a hessian sack in public from now on.

“I think it’s right that I make a stand to ensure that sex plays no part in the music industry, and if I have to stop using make-up, stop shaving my legs, and wear only a sack with arm holes cut into it – then so be it.”

“It is quite itchy, I will admit, but it’s important that I make a stand and show that musical success has nothing to do with sex.”

“Fans buy my music because of how I sound, not because of any special feelings they get in their private parts.”

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“I am quite sure that my next single will do just as well despite the fact that I now look like a particularly backwards member of the Amish community.”

Cheryl slams sexualised pop stars

Cheryl has also insisted that some of her previous outfits were not designed to be sexual, but more ‘quirky and fun’, leading some fans to question themselves.

Music fan Simon Williams told us, “I wouldn’t call myself a massive fan of Cheryl’s, but I have seen all of her videos – and if those outfits were not designed to be sexual then maybe I’m actually some sort of pervert?”

“Because I thought they were properly sexual, and I’ve got a collection of wank socks to prove it.”