International Day of Happiness ruined by everyone and everything

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Your International Day of Happiness is not going to plan because of everything you have to do and everyone you have to see, according to sources today.

The internationally recognised day is designed to celebrate those things that can make life worth living, but sources close to you confirmed the day has essentially turned out like every other in your frustratingly tedious existence.

Unhappy Simon Williams told us, “I get the principle behind it, I really do – but unless you can rid the world of the morons I work with, my pain-in-the-arse customers, my nagging girlfriend or my overdraft, then I don’t see how it can help?

“Essentially this day has turned out just like every other day, except it’s worse because people keep saying ‘cheer up, don’t you know it’s International Day of Happiness’ – which makes me want to hurt them physically.

“It’s looking increasingly likely I could end International Day of Happiness with an assault conviction.

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“If today was about me being happy, then it should have been called International Day of Staying in Bed.”

International Day of Happiness

Equally unhappy office worker Gerry Matthews told us, “Nothing in this world makes me happier than being repeatedly told to be happier.

“No, really, how can someone telling you to ‘cheer up you miserable sod’ possibly fail to cheer you up right away? It’s just science.

“Clearly International Day of Happiness is a roaring success for all concerned.

“You know, if they really want a challenge, make the next one happen on a Monday?”