Club 18-30 to scrap its package holidays to Syria

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Club 18-30 has announced that it will no longer offer its popular Syria packages.

“It seems to be confusing people,” said a spokesperson for the holiday firm.

“We just wanted to offer a cheap break to young people out for a few drinks, a bit of a laugh and the chance to see a country in a state of utter devastation, devoid of hope.”

“It’s for people who want to go to Scotland, but can’t handle the midges.”

“The problem is that some people have been taking it completely the wrong way and getting themselves in all sorts of problems.”

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The three girls from a Bethnal Green school are thought to have been celebrating the completion of their coursework with a short Club 18-30 break but things got out of hand and they joined ISIS.

Several boys were arrested and deported back to England earlier this week before their Club 18-30 holiday had even begun.

It is understood they got a little rowdy on the journey and almost joined ISIS.

“It’s very important that we don’t become associated with radical terrorism, we really think that could be detrimental to the brand,” said the spokesman.

The company is understood to be considering its options with regard to its package holidays to Iraq, Nigeria, and anywhere in the USA where the Tea Party is popular.