‘Where’s Putin’ book leaps to top of Russian bestseller charts

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A colourful new illustrated children’s book inviting people to spot Vladimir Putin has leaped straight to the top of the Russian bestseller charts, according to figures released today.

The book, which invites Russians to find their leader amongst crowds of underwear models, sharp-suited men in sunglasses and people in military fatigues, has been described as ‘extraordinarily difficult’.

“No matter how hard you look, you just can’t find Putin”, said one customer.

“Everyone says he’s in there, but you can look at the pictures for ages and there’s no sign”.

However, a spokesman for the book, which is published by the Russian government, insists that Putin is definitely there.

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“You just have to look very hard, but you have my word the President is exactly where we say he is”, said a representative of the Duma.

Where’s Putin?

Every page of the book features a crowd in different places and situations, as Putin travels the world in his distinctive red and white stripey jumper invading countries and having members of the opposition bumped off.

As an added attraction, once you’ve found Putin in every picture you can go back and find the things he’s dropped in his travels, including a flask of Polonium, a gigantic stack of money, some switched-off CCTV cameras, and a column of tanks.

The only picture in the book where Putin is clearly visible is the very last one, as he is the only figure left standing on top of a big pile of corpses.