Peppa Pig is nothing like Spearmint Rhino, new fathers warned

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New fathers are being warned that despite the superficial similarity in names, Peppa Pig ‘could not be further’ from Spearmint Rhino.

Fathers of small children have simply no idea of what the next few years of their lives are actually going to be like, and still harbour misplaced hopes which are bolstered by titles like ‘Rebecca Rabbit’.

“Given the name, I was quite looking forward to the stack of Peppa Pig DVDs when my wife and kids were out”, said Dave Foster from Kettering.

“The ones with titles like ‘Fancy Dress Party’, and ‘Bedtime’ sounded right up my street.”

“I wasn’t so sure about ‘Grandpa’s Little Engine’, but try anything once, that’s what I say.”

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“Imagine my dismay when I discovered what was actually on them.”

“When my wife told me to buy the DVDs I thought I was getting a bit of a free pass, to make up for eighteen forthcoming years of no sleep and no action”, he added.

“That’s forty quid I won’t get back in a hurry.”

The makers of Peppa Pig are reported to be planning more releases for the confused father market, including ‘Penelope’s Peaks’, about a mountain-climbing cartoon Kangaroo, and ‘Gigantic jugs of joy’, an educational film about measuring volumes of water.