Liberal democrats in turmoil as someone tries to give them money

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The Liberal Democrat party has been thrown into disarray by someone trying to make a donation, we can report today.

In what is described as an ‘unprecedented’ situation, a man known only as ‘Donor 1’ tried to give some funds to the party, leading to confusion and incomprehension throughout the organisation.

“At first we just thought he’d got the wrong number”, said a Lib Dem insider.

“Nobody ever says they support us and want to give us cash, so we assumed it was a mistake and gave them the number for Conservative central office.”

“However, he persisted and we eventually realised he was serious. Nick Clegg was speechless.”

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The donation has left the party completely at a loss, as they have to set up a bank account and decide what to spend the money on.

“I suppose we could spend it on running for parliament at the election, but that strikes us as probably a bit of a waste.”

“We might just have a whip round and buy Charles Kennedy a bottle of something nice.”