Apple Watch owners to set clocks by when their watch runs out of battery

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The new Apple Watch will run out of battery so often you’ll be able to set your watch by it, according to Apple sources this morning. 

Following the official release of the expensive new ‘smart’ time piece, Apple insisted that a battery that lasts less than one full day is an important part of the essential new feature set.

An Apple spokesperson said, “You know how sometimes you want to know what time it is, and you look at your watch to determine that time?”

“Well the new Apple Watch will show you a permanent black screen when it’s the middle of the afternoon.”

“Or 3:30pm, whichever way you want to look at it.”

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“It will also show a black screen for 4pm, 5pm and so on. Pretty much every time can be displayed using a blank black screen.”

“Right up until the point you find somewhere to charge it again.”

Apple Watch released

Experts have said that a watch that doesn’t even last a day could have a profound effect on the concept of time-keeping throughout society.

Tech reviewer Simon Williams told us, “If Apple says that being able to telling the time at all points in the day isn’t that important, then it isn’t that important.”

“Apple Watch could revolutionise society by making punctuality a thing of the past.  Which is nice, as it’s a trend I’ve been trying to cultivate for fifteen years.”

“You know what they say, even a stopped Apple Watch is a tiny black reflective surface on your wrist for most of the day.”

“Well they will say it, mark my words.”