Women demand equal right to die as prematurely as men

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Women have said that in the age of equality, they should be able to die as prematurely as any man.

Many have insisted that in the year 2015 it is disgraceful that men are allowed to die younger than women just because they are male.

Woman Sharon Jones told us “Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to die approximate 2.4 years earlier like a man, does it?”

“I should have to retire as late as a man, and die as early, it’s my right as a woman and an equal contributor to society.”

“I’m sick of men telling me that I have to ‘retire earlier than men’ or ‘live longer than men’ – it simply has to change.”

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However some men were not happy at the suggestion.

Sexist Simon Williams told us, “This is women’s lib gone mad, they should just stick to keeping their pretty little heads alive for a couple of years longer than us men, and be done with it.”

“Dying early is a man’s job – it always has been, and it always will be.”

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