Weasel shocked by hidden charges after ‘cheap’ Woodpecker flight

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As Essex Weasel has spoken of his anger at the outrageous ‘hidden charges’ following his 50p flight with Woodpecker airlines.

The weasel responded to an online advert which promised one-way trips across Hornchurch Country Park for just 50p, but was left with a bill for £130.50 when he checked his credit card.

The Weasel told us, “It said 50p, but if you wanted priority boarding it was another tenner, then I made the mistake of ordering an in-flight meal and forgetting to print off my boarding pass.”

“Apparently you’re supposed to tell them you want to take a bag, too, which seems ridiculous as who flies without a bag?”

“Then there was a 5% levy in order to actually pay them. Yes, I had to pay them in order to be able to pay them – I know!”

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“Worst of all, I booked a flight across Hornchurch Country Park, but when I landed I realised I was actually in Romford, which is miles away and nearly an hour on the bus from where I wanted to be.”

“Frankly I’m disgusted, and I’ll never fly Woodpecker again.”

Weasel Woodpecker flight

A spokesperson for WoodpeckerAir said that all charges were clearly visible on their website if you know which sub sub-menu to look at, and that 50p flights are available to anyone who sticks to the rules.

They told us, “Of course, if you think you can just leap on a Woodpecker whenever you like and get a flight without making a proper booking, then of course it’s going to cost you more than the advertised rates.”

“But rest assured we are committed to providing Weasels the cheapest flights possible between places sort-of near where they want to go.”

“But only when they make a proper booking.”