Internet clashes escalate over whether Mars rock is ‘black and blue’ or ‘gold and grey’

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Recently released photos of NASA’s Curiosity Rover’s excavation of Mars appears to show the Red Planet is actually black and blue, according to some angry people on the Internet.

Curiosity drilled the hole at Telegraph Peak on February 24 and beamed photos back to Earth of its recently excavated hole, for analysis by anyone on Twitter.

After it was released, the photo sent social media into a frenzy as users lost their collective minds in disagreements about the colour of the planets surface and the hole that has been created.

As one Twitter user wrote, “WTF?! I am literally going crazy here – the photo is completely obvious and shows a gold and grey colour, how can you not see that?!”

However another said, “I’m definitely seeing black and blue – I mean, I always though Mars was red, but the photo speaks for itself. QED.”

Whilst one particularly angry Twitter user wrote, “Look, I don’t want to call you all idiots again, but my Mum has that exact same hole at home, and it’s definitely black and blue – I’ll post a photo later to prove it.”

Mars rock

NASA said they were happy to see so many people taking an interest in their Mars programme.

A spokesperson told us, “Yes, after years of planning and hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, we’ve finally managed to successfully dig a hole in a planet that isn’t our own.”

“So we’re obviously delighted that our success is dominated by arguments over what colour the hole is.”