MI5 ‘missed opportunities’ to stop the extremist Nige Al-Farage travelling abroad

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Fresh claims are being made today that the security services could have done more to stop the well-known extremist Nige Al-Farage from travelling to the US to preach his messages of hate and intolerance.

CCTV footage released from Heathrow Airport clearly shows Al-Farage boarding a plane to the US without even the most cursory check by the security services on his movements.

It is also being claimed that the unidentified figure known only as ‘Jingoistic John’, seen in a number of videos released on the internet, could in fact be the extremist Al-Farage.

He is seen delivering lengthy speeches on his indoctrinated political views before grotesquely removing the heads from several pints of beer.

The Home Secretary Theresa May stressed that Al-Farage’s experiences in the US would be very different from the idealised vision held by extremists radicalised in the pubs around Great Britain.

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“He’ll find that instead of being the most extreme right-wing hate preacher in the entire country, he’ll be surrounded by millions of people like him, many even worse”, she said.

“In fact, if they detect even a whiff of political weakness, Al-Farage is likely to face a very tough time indeed”.

MI5 turned down our request for an interview, but did say in a written statement “We maintain a constant vigil on the UK’s ports and airports to prevent any so-called ‘hate preachers’ from travelling abroad to spread their vile messages in countries where most people are welcoming, peace-loving, and tolerant.”

“We didn’t therefore feel that the extremist Al-Farage could cause any such offence in the US.”