Lagoon power stations would drastically reduce opportunities for foreign invasions, warns Tony Blair

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Being reliant on nothing more than your own coastline for your power needs would drastically reduce the incentives for foreign invasions, Tony Blair has warned this morning.

The former prime minister was talking after plans were unveiled for lagoon power stations to harvest the nation’s power from the tides around our shores, rather than from barrels imported from despots.

Blair told reporters, “Look, I understand the desire to control your own sources of power, I really do, but just try to think of the consequences.”

“Those volatile oil-producing nations to which we are so inextricably tied will suddenly look a lot less important to us – and how can that possibly be a good thing?”

“Being reliant on these countries is what makes foreign policy so interesting. You literally never know what you’re going to be dealing with from one day to the next.”

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“Plus, everyone loves a good invasion, and it’s fun for us politicians who spend weeks trying to think of justifications that don’t sound so obviously like paraphrasing of ‘because of the oil’.”

“No-one’s getting excited at the prospect of invading Swansea, I assure you.”

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