BBC produces current affairs programme without UKIP representative

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The BBC have made a breakthrough in broadcasting by successfully creating a current affairs programme that didn’t feature UKIP in any way whatsoever.

The Andrew Marr Show on March the 1st featured Yvette Cooper, Police Chief Helen Ball, and several others unaffiliated with UKIP.

“This has been a real breakthrough for us,” said BBC News Director James Harding.

“For the last three or four years, we’ve had a real problem with UKIP infestations on every single current affairs programme we made.”

“But with a combination of vigilance, quick-thinking, and violence we’ve managed to keep this programme completely UKIP free.”

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UKIP-free TV programme

The programme is being hailed as a breakthrough in current affairs broadcasting with the commercial channels hoping to learn from it.

“Frankly, we didn’t think it was possible,” said a representative from Sky News.

“We’ve been trying for years to broadcast a programme without UKIP but they always seem to wriggle in when your back’s turned.”

But UKIP leader Nigel Farage was livid.

“It’s a disgrace, as a party who are in with a chance of winning the Thanet seat at the next election, it’s only fair that we receive blanket television coverage to promote our definitely not racist views and talk about how we’re probably going to do some policies soon.”

The Andrew Marr show was followed later by the Sunday Politics show which featured an exclusive interview with Nigel Farage during which he denied his racist views were racist and promised to do some policies soon.