UKIP ‘picked on’ just for being massive racists

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UKIP Deputy Chairman Suzanne Evans has claimed that the media regularly singles out the party purely because it is full of racists.

“It is getting a little trying,” said Ms Evans.

“It seems that almost every day, the media will find something racist that one of our party members has said or done, and then plaster it all over the front pages.”

It was put to Ms Evans that perhaps the way to deal with the issue was for her party members to stop being racists.

“I really don’t think that’s the issue, I think the issue is that the media will only ever report on UKIP when we’ve done something racist and offensive.”

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“What about the things UKIP do that aren’t racist and offensive?”

However, when pressed Ms Evans was unable to think of any examples.

UKIP conference

UKIP’s Spring conference is getting underway and the party are currently buoyed by polls predicting that they will take ten seats in the coming election despite the only clue to their policies being a post-it note Nigel Farage left in a pub saying ‘gypsies are shitters’.

“Oh, I’ve thought of something we did that wasn’t racist or offensive,” said Mrs Evans.

“Godfrey Bloom hitting the reporter with some paper.”

“I mean, the reporter wasn’t black, was he?”