Fans wondering if Sky Sports TV package includes Charlton pitch sex video

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Sky Sports subscribers have asked if the video of a couple having sex on the Charlton pitch will be included in their package.

Even though Charlton are no longer a premier league club, fans have said they would expect the coverage of a couple having sex at a Championship club to come before anything involving Leicester or Aston Villa.

Football fan Simon Williams told us, “I pay £30 a month to Sky Sports for hour upon hour of absolute bilge on pitches across the country.”

“Now that there’s something actually worth watching on an English pitch it had better bloody well be included in my package.”

“I don’t need all the Gary Neville analysis and the touchscreen nonsense, in fact I’d prefer it if his gurning mug didn’t appear at any stage in the proceedings.”

“If they try to fob me off again with something like West Ham v Crystal Palace I will not be happy.”

“Look, if Sky Sports can spend £4bn on rights to show the Premier League, they can pay a few grand to let me see a bit of reverse cowgirl.”

“Plus, you know, as a Sky customer it will be nice to see somebody else getting screwed for a change.”