John Terry encouraged by ‘huge potential’ of Chelsea’s Paris metro racists

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Chelsea FC captain John Terry has stated his encouragement by the performance and future ‘huge potential’ of the club’s racist fans following their display on the Paris metro this week.

Chelsea could only manage a 1-1 draw in the first leg of their Champions League tie with Paris Saint Germain, but Terry was impressed with the form of a number of fans who appeared uninhibited in showcasing their talent for openly degrading ethnic minorities.

“The future looks as bright as ever for the club, particularly with some of the new lads coming through at the moment,” claimed Terry.

“I thought they showed huge potential. The more experienced heads such as myself obviously won’t be around for ever, and it’s fantastic to see the club’s traditions being picked up by the next generation.”

“It is strange to think of myself as an elder statesman in this game now, but all I can do is maintain my own personal form and pass on as much as possible to the new boys.”

Chelsea’s new generation

Terry points to the Blues’ proud tradition of nurturing xenophobia amongst its supporters from an early age, and believes they are in a unique position to fly the flag for little Englanders everywhere.

“We’ve got great systems in place for spotting the right mentality, and at a club like Chelsea you know you’re always going to get a chance to express yourself.”