Energy companies ‘can’t stop laughing’ finds new investigation

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A new competition probe investigating the practises and behaviour of energy companies has found that they can’t stop laughing.

“It became a little wearing,” said a representative from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

“When we tried to question anyone from the industry, they would continually crack up.”

The Energy companies are currently estimated to earn more money than most small countries, or FIFA, and as such have triggered a probe that will look into the morals and practises of the industry.

Complaints have ranged from policy documents being more complex than an average GCSE exam to engineers stealing customers’ boilers in the night and selling them back in the morning.

But the CMA has revealed the probe is being hindered by the lack of co-operation from the Energy companies.

“I’m not even sure they’re doing it deliberately as an obfuscation tactic, I think they generally can’t help laughing their backsides off whenever the topic of their practices, profits, or customers comes up in conversation.”

“We tried to question Jean-Bernard Lévy of EDF but unfortunately were told by his secretary that he was currently jumping up and down on his big bed of money and couldn’t come to the phone.”

“But we could clearly hear laughter in the background.”