100 Days of UKIP was blatant fear mongering, insists party of blatant fear mongers

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Monday night’s Channel 4 mockumentary 100 Days of UKIP was blatant fear mongering, according to the party that garners support through the use exclusive use of fear mongering.

The fictional programme was shown last night and contained scenes which showed a bleak future under a hypothetical UKIP government, in stark contrast to the UKIP political campaigns which focus on a bleak future surrounded by immigrants.

UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall told us, “That 100 Days of UKIP programme last night was nothing short of a hatchet job designed to terrify people about the prospect of UKIP being in power.”

“When in reality we are just a normal everyday political party trying to terrify everyone about the prospect of anyone else being in power and allowing the country to be overrun by immigrants.”

“Don’t get us wrong, as we have said many times we are a party in full support of free speech – except in cases where our own tools are used against us.”

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“You are free to say what you like about the Muslims, this is different – because it affects us directly.”

“Which is why we want Channel 4 closed, broken into pieces and shipped off back to where it came from.”

“Sorry, no, I meant ‘sold for spare parts’ – my apologies, force of habit.”

Channel 4s 100 Days of UKIP

UKIP supporters have also been left angry by the programme.

Supporter Michael Mitchem told us, “100 days? I want the immigrants gone the morning after the election victory – this made it look like it could take weeks.”

“That is simply unacceptable.”

However television viewer Simon Williams told us, “Yes, I watched 100 Days of UKIP. It was horrible watching all those grotesque brain-dead creatures taking over the world, leaving the frankly normal people terrified.”

“Oh, sorry, my mistake, I watched The Walking Dead.”