Man with Knight Rider ring tone hailed as comedy great

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A man who made the Knight Rider theme tune his ring tone has been declared one of the funniest people alive.

Simon Williams of Essex is thought to have set the ringtone last Wednesday.

“I first heard it on Thursday morning,” said colleague Alison Richards.

“Si had gone into a meeting and left his phone on his desk on full volume. Someone kept trying to ring him and every few minutes Knight Rider rang out.”

“He’s definitely hilarious.”

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Top broadsheet stand-up Stewart Lee was impressed.

“Well, I thought my really clever deconstruction of stand-up comedy that I’ve been doing for twenty years was innovative,” he said.

“But your phone playing Knight Rider when someone rings you? This bloke’s in a different league.”

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Arts and Culture expert Melvyn Bragg offered some perspective.

“You really have to go to the comedy greats; Lenny Bruce, Phil Silvers, Galton and Simpson. These are the sort of people that we have to go to even approach the level of comedy genius displayed by a man who set his ringtone to Knight Rider.”

Already we’re starting to see the comedy world try to deal with this seismic shift in its landscape.

“Well, you have to adapt with the times,” said David Mitchell.

“So I’ve put the A-Team on my phone, and Robert Webb’s got CHiPs.”