Labour pledges tax crackdown on anyone who doesn’t support Labour

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In a strongly-worded interview on the BBC yesterday, Ed Balls pledged a future Labour government would clamp down on tax avoidance by anyone not supporting the Labour Party.

“These fat-cats needn’t think they can avoid paying their fair share unless they’re someone I personally know”, he thundered.

“I will bring in strict new rules which will affect anyone engaging in tax avoidance, unless it’s a deed of variation like Ed Miliband and Tony Benn used, or a holding company in the Cayman Islands like the one which owns The Guardian.”

“And paying yourself through a company rather than taking payments as income like Ken Livingstone? Totally fine.”

“Unless it’s some Tory bastard”, he added.

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Meanwhile, on the Today programme this morning, shadow business secretary Chukka Umunna was unequivocal.

“A future Labour government would pass a law requiring political donations made by people avoiding tax to be returned”, he said.

“Unless they’re given to us, obviously.”