Cyber crime suddenly ‘very serious’ after banking institutions become victims

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With cyber criminals turning their attention away from members of the public to banking institutions, the situation has officially become ‘serious’ according to reports.

Up to 100 banks and financial institutions worldwide have been attacked in an “unprecedented cyber robbery” which is now far more important than when someone used your credit card online that time.

IT Security expert Simon Williams told us, “There is a big difference between a little old lady downloading a virus which logs all her keystrokes, allowing someone to access her bank account and nick her pension – and some executive at a bank losing a bonus because of a cyber crime.”

“A massive planetary sized difference. I’m trying to think of a nice way of saying it, but basically no-one gives a shit if cyber-criminals are nicking a few quid from the poor people.”

“But this is a million quid. From rich people. Which will affect bonuses and quarterly earning projections.”

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“This shit just got real, trust me.”

Bank cyber theft

The cyber criminals themselves have spoken online about the change in focus in their victim selection.

Cyber criminal Kasper James wrote, “No-one really minded us fleecing the public for a few quid here and there, because basically it’s what every bank and business is already trying to do.”

“But you ‘don’t eat your own’, apparently. That’s what the banks said when we took their money.”

“They said that apparently there is no honour amongst thieves.”

“I do feel like we might have poked the bear this time though – one bank actually said ‘don’t you know who we are’ – like it was supposed to frighten us.”

“It worked.”