Millions of Valentine’s couples spend evening staring lovingly into their phones

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Millions of couples across the country have spent the evening staring lovingly into their mobile devices, according to reports.

With affection for personal electronics at an all time high, couples have again used 14th February as an opportunity to demonstrate their undying love for them.

Simon Williams told us, “Valentine’s night is always special, which is why we were careful to choose a restaurant with free wifi.

“I spent my time joking with my phone over the sports results and installing a few updates as a surprise for it.

“Whilst the missus treated her phone to the latest candy crush saga game – very thoughtful I thought?

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“I think that during the year it can be easy to take your phone for granted, so it’s important on this night of all nights to show how much you care about it.

“If our restaurant is any indication then I think millions of other couples have had precisely the same idea as us.”

Valentine’s Day

Williams wasn’t the only person to show their devotion to their mobile device on this most romantic of evenings.

Simon’s fiancé Sharon told us, “I have to say, it was a truy magical evening.

“My phone really can make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world, and you simply can’t understand how important something like that is to us ladies.

“I just hope that tonight I was able to show it how much it means to me.

“Because seriously, life would not be worth living without it.”