Top Gear now indistinguishable from Last of the Summer Wine

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The vast majority of the viewing audience can’t tell the difference between Last of the Summer Wine and Top Gear, we can reveal.

Car fan Carl Richards said “I turned on the telly the other night and there was Thora Hird driving along spouting old person bollocks, but then it turned out I was actually watching Jeremy Clarkson reviewing a new Alpha Romeo.”

“An easy mistake to make, you have to admit.”

“And then another time I was watching a Top Gear presenter driving a new Lamborghini, and only realised later it was Last of the Summer Wine and Compo had won the lottery.”

“Sort it out, BBC.”

Top Gear confusion

Top Gear producers have reacted angrily to the claim, saying “Next week jeremy and James will push Hammond down a hill in a bath with wheels on whilst an old lady in the audiences cackles with uncontrollable, hysterical laughter.”

“What could be more original than that?”

A BBC spokesman said: “The difference is clear. One is a gentle comedy about three childish old men desperately clinging to lost youth in a succession of japes, the other…”