Fred Talbot’s latest forecast includes ‘lots of desperately unpleasant showers’

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Fred Talbot has been found guilty of sexually abusing teenage boys, and faces the prospect of unpleasant showers for at least the next few years.

The television weatherman was found guilty after strong evidence came in from the North West, leaving his defence cold and unsubstantiated.

Though parts of his story were said to have cleared, the areas still affected by the verdict can expect several years of unwanted heavy petting.

High pressure coming in from A wing could take its toll, leaving Talbot’s areas feeling extremely warm if exposed to the elements involved without adequate protection.

Things may clear up overnight, only for the pressure to return each morning in time for breakfast.

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The long-term forecast remains bleak, with no prospect of sunshine.

Reporter Simon Williams has been following the case closely, and told us, “I can’t say if the showers he’ll be experiencing will be heavy, but I can say that the naked guy standing next to him definitely will be.

“Apparently he’s used to leaping around when close to water, and he’s going to have to be fleet of foot in the bathrooms from now on, I assure you.”