Woman looks ’10 years younger’ thanks to daily personal training sessions with photoshop expert

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Homemaker Tracy Williams has stunned friends by appearing ten years younger after spending months on a personal training regime with a Photoshop expert.

Williams unveiled her new look on Facebook, much to the shock of those that had actually seen her recently.

She told us, “It’s important to spent time on your appearance, and I don’t think that’s vain, it’s important for lots of reasons. Making yourself look good is healthy, definitely.

“Some people scoff about the hours I put in on Photoshop, but then you look at my photos on Facebook and you’d have to say that all that work has certainly paid off.

“And it was hard work. Sure, I could have sat in front of the TV with a bowl of ice-cream and a Netflix marathon – and believe me, lots of times I wanted to – but instead, I motivated myself to get my laptop out and do the exercises.

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“When I first started I could barely remove one wrinkle before I was exhausted, but these days I can do a half a dozen wrinkles and lift my chin in less than a minute.

“My coach says I could 20 in a minute if I really push myself.

“The results are there for you all to see. I can’t believe that’s me in those photos. I would never have believed it three months ago that I could look like THAT in a bikini.”

A friend told us, “She seems really happy with her new look, and why not?

“She’s done an incredible job, and I know there’s a few of us now considering local classes on Photoshop Elements to see if we can achieve the same results.

“One day maybe we can all look like that.”