New film deal to see Spiderman appear in future Mike Leigh films

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A new deal between Sony and Channel Four Films will see Spiderman appear in the next three Mike Leigh films.

“We recognise that has long been a source of frustration to Spiderman fans that an exclusivity deal has kept the property with Sony,” said Channel Four Films spokesperson Mark Hammond.

“So we think everyone will be super-psyched that we’ve worked out a way for him to appear in Mike’s films,  where I’m sure we can all agree he belongs.”

Mike Leigh’s next film is ‘Cribbage,’ thought to be a touching drama of a friendship that blossoms between a retired milkman and someone who wears a hat.

“Yeah, the milkman picture, everyone wanted Spiderman in that,” continued Mr Hammond.

“Mike was going to walk, said there was no way the film would work without Spiderman.”

“Hell, I don’t think anyone wanted to go through what we went through when he couldn’t get the Incredible Hulk for Mr Turner, and I think that’s what got the deal going.”

Spiderman to join Mike Leigh cast

Following ‘Cribbage’ will be a biography of Aneurin Bevan featuring Spiderman as Clement Atlee and the story of a working class divorcee whose life is changed when she takes up Salsa dancing with Spiderman.

Fans will hope this deal will pave the way for Batman to appear in Ken Loach films, Scooby Doo in Pedro Almodóvar films, and digitally enhanced versions of Ingmar Bergman’s films to feature Jabba the Hut.