Concern as Nigel Farage appears in public without pint of beer

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There has been concern amongst UKIP supporters after Nigel Farage made a public appearance without a pint of beer.

The UKIP leader made a brief appearance in Essex, and although the casual racism and hypocrisy were present as usual, the pint of beer wasn’t.

It is the first time Mr Farage has been seen without a pint of beer since his party’s 2013 political breakthrough.

He has made it a badge of honour to always be with a beer whenever out in public, leading some to criticise his appearance at last year’s Remembrance Service.

“Well, frankly, I’m a bit worried,” said lifelong UKIP supporter Simon Williams

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“I suppose he could just be feeling a bit ill, or perhaps he’d just finished a pint beforehand, but, to be honest, I’m worried he may have turned into a bit of a lefty.”

A UKIP spokesperson was quick to reassure the UKIP party faithful.

“Nigel is definitely not turning into a lefty,” he said

“He’s got six bottles of Ruddles in the boot of the Mondeo and he fully intends to get stuck into them on the journey home.”

“He’ll be completely smashed before Deal or No Deal, as usual.”