Keep Pot Noodles away from food, supermarkets warned

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Supermarkets are being urged to display Pot Noodles away from food so that people don’t accidentally assume they’re edible.

This has followed similar reports of people mistaking daffodil bulbs for onions, because they are being displayed in the Fruit and Vegetable section of supermarkets.

“It is a concern,” said a spokesperson for stupid consumers.

“People are seeing where the daffodil bulbs and Pot Noodles are stored and are assuming that they are food and finding themselves poisoned after they try to eat them.”

Stupid consumer Simon Williams recently made such a mistake.

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“Well, yeah, I was in Sainsburys, wasn’t I?” he said

“And I was hungry so I just grabbed this pot, didn’t I? I mean it looked a bit weird and it made a funny noise when you shook it, but it was in with other food, so I just bought it, didn’t I?

“I spent four days sat on the pot, didn’t I? They tell me I shat out a lung.”

A Sainsbury spokesperson was sympathetic up to a point.

“I do feel for Mr Williams,” he said.

“I tried a mouthful of Pot Noodle as a student and thought I was going to die. But I’m surprised that anyone nowadays could mistake it as food.”

Sainsbury and other supermarkets have agreed to clearly signpost Pot Noodles as being non-food items.

They are also looking into a similar warning on daffodil bulbs, coca cola, cheesy string and any nearby MacDonalds.