We’re furious at how PwC strictly adhered to the tax rules that we created, insist MPs

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An MPs report has strongly criticised accountancy firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers for strictly adhering to the tax rules put in place by MPs.

The new report said that MPs were extremely disappointed by how the accountancy firm had taken their words and twisted them using dictionary definitions so they didn’t mean the same thing they had intended any more.

As one MP involved in the report explained, “We’d love to be here publishing today and saying how PwC broke this law and that law, but we can’t – because they didn’t. But they definitely still did something wrong.”

“Yes, it does seem now with the benefit of hindsight that everything they did is in perfect accordance with the so-called ‘rules’ that we, in our infinite wisdom, put together.”

“But that doesn’t mean we can’t make out like we’re angry at them for doing the perfectly legal things that they did.”

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When pressed for clarification on how exactly PwC had done anything wrong, another MP told us: “You’re looking at this all wrong.”

“It’s not so much what they did, so much as how they did it.”

“Oh shut up! You wouldn’t understand!”

A PwC spokesperson suggested maybe asking the MPs about it later in the month.