99p Stores customers in revolt over Poundland’s plan to raise prices by 1p

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The planned takeover of 99p Stores by Poundland has left consumers furious at the predicted price rises that will follow.

Though yet to be officially approved by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), it is expected that all 251 99p Stores will become ‘Poundland’ within the next 18 months.

99p Store customer Simon Williams told us, “It’s absolutely outrageous. If Poundland thinks it can just walk in the door and put the prices up to a pound without any of us reacting, they can think again.”

“I’ll arrange a consumer boycott if I have to. Jumbo packs of grey socks are worth 99p – literally not a penny more.”

“If Poundland thinks I’m suddenly going to start spending £1 instead of 99p on chocolates that sound like they were made by a fancy Swiss company, then they can think again.”

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Poundland to buy 99p stores

Having been told that the Valentine’s Day balloon he had planned to purchase would now be £1 instead of 99p, Williams was apoplectic.

“What?? I know I might have said to the missus that my love has no limits, but apparently it does, and it’s 99 bloody p!”

“Isn’t the government trying to constrain inflation? Can the Chancellor not step in here? He seems happy enough to help the bankers, let’s see him do something for me for a change.”

“Even if that change is only a penny.”