Clarke Carlisle accuses Ralf Little of getting away with ‘Two Pints of Lager’

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Former footballer Clarke Carlisle has courted controversy by accusing Ralf Little of getting away with sitcom ‘Two Pints of Lager’, apparently without criticism yet again.

Carlisle, the former Chairman of the Professional Footballer’s association took to Twitter last night after watching yet another repeat of the horrific sitcom.

He wrote, “Teflon Ralf, getting away with it again! #TwoPints” before later being forced into a longer explanation by angry supporters of the awful sitcom.

Carlisle explained further, “People will say it’s not his fault that the show turned out to be so painfully bad, but he kept on doing it, didn’t he?”

“And it’s not just a one-off incident we’re talking about here, there are literally hundreds of these episodes.”

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“Do you think he gave a second thought to the harm he’d be causing viewers when he got paid to gurn in front of the camera?”

“No, of course he didn’t.”

Ralf Little on Clarke Carlisle

Ralf Little then took to Twitter himself, not to be drawn into a slanging match, but rather to offer a conciliatory hand.

He wrote on Twitter, “Hi Clarke, Ralf here, I’ve seen you once in 10 years and that was to apologise for my appearance in that repulsive show as a young man.”

“I hope you are never unfortunate enough to be involved in something as horrific as ‘Two Pints of Lager’, and I wish you a long and happy career.”

Twitter users have leapt to Ralf Little’s defence, with @Acting4Evs writing, “Clarke Carlisle should shut up about things he obviously doesn’t understand!”

“Being an actor is something he’ll never have to deal with, and I hope his loved ones never tread the boards!”