Facebook to let you tag yourself in police photo database

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Social networking site Facebook is to introduce a new feature that will allow users to tag themselves in the UK’s police photo database.

The move comes after police said that despite having 18 millions photos of non-criminals in the database, they had absolutely zero likes and comments.

A Facebook spokesperson said, “It’s important that your social graph extends to all aspects of your life, including that time you got arrested but ultimately got let off without charge.”

“What better talking point for your friends than that well-lit mugshot – imagine the social conversations and likes you’ll get.”

“Over the coming weeks you’ll be able to tag yourself, and even your friends in our new ‘mugshots you may know’ feature.”

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Police photo database

Facebook users have expressed excitement at the prospect of adding yet more photos to their social profile.

Regular user Simon Williams told us, “I know I must be in that database from the office Christmas party in 2011 at that hotel.”

“I think the photo they took of me would make a great profile pic, well, apart from the vomit on my shirt -so personally I can’t wait to tag myself.”

“Plus I’d like to see other people’s, it’ll make an interesting change from stalking holiday photos.”

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