Pretty Woman to be remade with Ryan Gosling as a male prostitute

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After announcing a Ghostbusters remake with an all female-cast, producers have followed up with plans for a Pretty Woman remake starring Ryan Gosling as a prostitute.

With gender reversal in lovingly remembered blockbusters now de rigueur in Hollywood, there has been fervent excitement at the prospect of Gosling taking on the role made famous by Julia Roberts in the 1990 smash hit.

Speculation is rife that Helen Mirren has been signed to play the role of the millionaire business person who enjoys the company of prostitutes, previously portrayed by Richard Gere – though her publicist has yet to confirm the rumours.

Movie fan Simon Williams told us, “I quite liked the original, but I’m also all for a bit of gender role reversal.”

“The idea of an older woman on the big screen paying for sex would make quite a refreshing change.”

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“Though I’m not sure the remake will feature as heavily as the original does in my wank bank.”

Pretty Woman remake

A spokesperson for Gosling told us, “Ryan is excited to take on this much-loved role, and he hopes to bring something fresh to the character, including a penis.”

“The official title is still under wraps, obviously, but you wouldn’t be a million miles away with Pretty Man, Pretty Guy, or Pretty Boy.”

Ryan Gosling fan Sharon Jones asked, “There will be nudity, right? Lots and lots of lovely nudity?”

“And as a prostitute, he will be required to do lots of sexy things? And this will ultimately be available to me at home in high-definition?”