Ghostbusters announcement ruins thousands of carpets via spit-takes

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The announcement that the new Ghostbusters will feature an all-female lead cast has resulted in untold spit-takes from males drinking at the time.

The spit-takes are alleged to have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to carpets and furniture.

Definite females and Bridesmaids co-stars Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy have been confirmed to star in the new Ghostbusters movie, alongside Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.

Upon this announcement, ‘traditional values’ men were so shocked and disgusted, that those drinking at the time involuntarily spat out whatever beverage they were consuming.

It is estimated that around 800,000 men were drinking at the time of discovery.

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“I was just ‘aving me tea when I ‘eard on the radio that the new Ghostbusters was gonna be women,” said one concerned male fan.

“It went all over me trousers, and me carpet. That’s eight quid worth!”

Ghostbusters remake

Another told us, “Well naturally I was having some scotch with chums when it came up on the news. I was so shocked my scotch sprayed all over my Victorian ottoman!”

“My brother Reginald dropped his monocle in his tumbler! Just who will replace that?”

Other damage included dropped plates with sandwiches on, falling backwards off a chair because the sitter’s feet were on a desk and several reported cases of pouring coffee into a mug until it overflows and burns someone’s lap.

The overall reaction from men has been mixed – many believing that Hollywood is pandering to women, while the rest believing that women should stay in the kitchen until they’re ready to make a baby.