David Cameron launches work placement scheme for underprivileged MPs

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David Cameron today nominated disadvantaged MP, Andrew Lansley, for a work placement role at the UN.

Lansley, 57, is thought to be thrilled at being given a shot, having previously written to the PM asking if he could ‘fix it for him’.

The Prime Minister was only to happy to help, especially as Andrew has found it difficult to keep jobs in the past.

Whilst sat on Uncle David’s knee, Andrew put in a request for the role of ‘Governor general of Bermuda‘, the notorious tax haven.

Cameron told reporters, “It’s important that we do something to help those less fortunate than ourselves, such as back-bench MPs, or front-benchers without any discernible political skills.”

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Underprivileged MPs

Lansley, who previously lost his job as a secretary (of health), inspired doctors to unify in a vote of no confidence against him, and was tipped for the UN role back in July.

It is suspected that helping underprivileged MPs has become a priority so as to distract the public from something else really awful going on right now.

The national conversation regarding that topic will take place in a few months or perhaps decades, when everyone involved is dead and all the evidence has been destroyed.

Lansley is said to be ‘grateful for the opportunity’ and hopes that the training and experience he picks up in this position will prepare him for a less important and better paid role in years to come.