Widespread condemnation for man who removed memory stick without ejecting it

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There has been widespread shock and condemnation of a man who removed a memory stick from a USB port without first ejecting it.

The man – Simon Williams, is thought to have removed the memory stick at approximately 3pm on Monday at Whitmore and Whitmore’s consultancy in Bracknell.

“It was just so out of character, you know?” said co-worker Serena Greene.

“He was in a hurry, he’d copied something on to it. I saw what he was going to do, and I was all ‘No, Si don’t do it!’ as everything went into slow motion – but he just pulled it out anyway.”

Whitmore and Whitmore’s Office Manager – Julian Doyle takes up the story.

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“The whole office went silent, Si was just standing there staring at the memory stick in his hand. I think he was in shock.

“I don’t know, I guess instinct just kicked in, I got everyone to stand back. I mean, who knew what was going to happen? I got Si to put the memory stick down and to step away slowly.

“I mean, I’m just grateful no one got hurt.”

The official police advice is that you should always eject a memory stick before attempting to remove it.

“It was shockingly reckless behaviour from someone who should definitely know better,” said Chief Inspector Mark Hammond.

“He put himself, and his colleagues at entirely unnecessary risk – and some of those people had kids.

“I mean, what next? Turning off his PC with the power button instead of shutting it down?”