Hoax caller ‘met his match’ in conversation with charlatan

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A man who spends his days pulling the wool over other people’s eyes has been called on his mobile by a hoaxer, according to sources this morning.

Early reports indicate that an as yet unknown telephone hoaxer was able to make direct mobile contact with a master charlatan who prefers the medium of television, at his Downing Street address.

Former ‘grifter’ Simon Williams told us, “I don’t know what this hoaxer was hoping to achieve, maybe he was hoping to pick up a few tips?”

“I mean, fooling one person is fair enough, and you can make a few quid here and there, but maybe he was hoping to learn how to fool millions of people at once?”

“That’s where the big money is, definitely.”

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“And this guy Cameron is a master con man capable of fooling entire nations – he’d met his match, that’s for sure.”

Hoax caller to Downing Street

Those inside Downing Street have played down incident, which Cameron has been referring to as a ‘bit of fun’.

A source told us, “Little did this guy know that he had managed to get through to a world-class confident trickster.”

“He had called Cameron to try to convince him he was someone from GCHQ, but within three minutes he’d given the prime minister his PIN, date of birth and mother’s maiden name.”

“He had also set up a monthly direct debit for the Conservative party.”

“The PM’s con man skills are bordering on wizardry.”

“This guy has learnt an invaluable life lesson here, you simply can’t con a con man.”