Microsoft’s Windows 9 development team pretty sure there’s been a mistake

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No-one at Microsoft’s HQ in Redmond Virginia has had the heart to tell the team of developers working on Windows 9 that they have been skipped altogether.

The team itself is still busily working on a version of the Windows operating system that they believe will be launched any day now.

Lead Windows 9 developer Simon Williams told us, “I’m sure all this stuff about Windows 10 is just a smokescreen – I mean, who goes from 8 to 10? No-one sensible, that’s who.”

“All fifty of us here in the team have been working on Windows 9 since we were asked to leave our respective teams due to ‘creative differences’.”

“We see ourselves as the mavericks of Microsoft – no, not Mavericks like Mac OS. The other sort. Free thinkers, creatives. You know the sort.”

“They even gave us our own building well away from the main campus to try to keep Windows 9 on the down low.”

“We’re actually above a Pizza shop in Redmond, you wouldn’t know it was a key Microsoft development office to look at it.”

“You’re going to love what we’ve done. Especially the facelift for our friend ‘clippy’.”

A senior Microsoft spokesperson at the launch of Windows 10 explained, “Yes, I suppose to the untrained eye it looks like what we’re doing to these developers is a little cruel.”

“But it was cheaper than firing them.”