New smart wristband ‘detects bullshit claims made by smart wristbands’

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A new smart wristband has gone on to the market that claims to detect bullshit claims made by other smart wristbands.

“I noticed an awful lot of claims made by new smart wristbands were bullshit,” said inventor John Greene.

“There are smart wristbands that claim to track your calorie intake, monitor the quality of your sleep, make you a more considerate lover, defeat evil, let you fly.”

“Consumers need a device to alert them to these bullshit claims, and what better device than a smart wristband.”

The smart wristband is a simple plain black wristband that will discreetly vibrate when it detects bullshit smart wristband claims.

Smart wristband

Tech fans were excited by the announcement

“A new smart wristband?” exclaimed geek Simon Williams.

“Brilliant, that’ll go with my google glasses, fitbit charge, pebble watch, smart wig, smart shoes and smart bra.”

“Obviously, I only bought the smart bra as a collector’s piece. I hardly ever wear it.”

The model we received to test seemed to be malfunctioning as the only smart wristband in the vicinity was the test unit itself, yet when we switched it on it vibrated anyway.

The device is due on the market soon and is expected to cost an awful lot more than you’d imagine.