David Ginola to address football corruption by getting bookie to pay him £250k to run for Fifa job

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Former footballer David Ginola is to run for the Fifa presidency to address financial influence in the world’s most popular game, and will begin by being paid £250k by a bookmaker just to run for the job.

The former French international will run on a mandate of ‘cleaning up the game’, but will first accept a massive cheque from a company that encourages people to gamble away their hard-earned cash.

Ginola told reporters, “There is only one way to show how money has corrupted the beautiful game, and that is for me to get paid a lot of money just to apply for the job.”

“I don’t want people to think I am being paid to do anything at Fifa, I am not, this is just to run for the job – remember that.”

“When I’m in power it will take a lot more than £250k to get me to do your bidding.”

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Ginola to run for Fifa office

Bookmakers Paddy Power explained that they are sick of senior football people being paid to do things on behalf corporate interests, and that they are keen to address this by paying a senior football person to represent their corporate interests.

A spokesperson for the bookie said, “Something must be done to counter the influence of money in the game, and we think that that something is to throw more money at influential people in the game.”

“It’s a great plan, isn’t it?”