Harry Enfield’s ‘Tim Nice but Dim’ to stand against George Osborne in general election

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Harry Enfield’s character ‘Tim Nice But Dim’ is to contest the Tatton constituency seat currently held by George Osborne at the general election.

Supporters of the Enfield character say that he carries many of the same traits as the Chancellor, but without the negativity of being associated with the Conservative party.

Tim Nice But Dim explained, “Ya, ya, this old election thing should be a hoot. Imagine an old Ardinian like me become a member of parliament. Absolutely terrific, yes, terrific.”

“I’ve been asked about policies, and I shall jolly well have some, don’t you worry about that.”

“Poor people? I don’t understand, what is a ‘poor people’?”

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“Oh, that sounds jolly awful. Is that really a thing? Well, like my pa always used to say, out of sight of mind I suppose. I shan’t let it ruin my day!”

“Wait, what do you mean that’s already George Osborne’s policy – can’t we have the same one?”

Osborne challenger

Tim Nice But Dim went on to explain that membership fees at his club were getting rather high so he’d like to make them tax-deductible, and that maybe his nice school friends at his bank had a few ideas on how to save a few quid.

Tatton voter Simon Williams told us, “So far there’s barely a hair’s breadth between the two of them in terms of policies and ideologies.”

“The main difference appears to be that one is dim but not particularly nice, and the is admittedly fictional, but dim and very nice.”

“It’s a tough choice.”