Fox News to continue broadcasting made-up satire in honour of Charlie Hebdo

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Following criticism of its report on Birmingham in the UK, Fox News has pledged to continue broadcasting made-up stories designed to entertain viewers in honour of those murdered in the Charlie Hebdo attack.

Thousands had taken to social media to complain against what they believed was an inaccurate news story describing Birmingham as a Muslim stronghold, but which was actually an attempt at satire on the part of the Murdoch owned media group.

A spokesperson for Fox News explained, “No-one should be taking Fox News seriously – we have long cultivated a reputation for broadcasting made-up stories with inaccurate facts at impossible levels of ferocity, all purely for entertainment purposes.”

“Our report on Birmingham being a no-go area for non-Muslims was actually a carefully planned satire on the anti-Muslim comments of our boss, Rupert Murdoch.”

“When he said all Muslims should be accountable for the Charlie Hebdo terrorists, we took that argument to its logical conclusion and decided to make the UK’s second city a haven for people who support terrorists.  It’s actually really clever when you think about it.”

“Rather than towing the company line, as some people have suggested we were doing, we were actually subverting the message from the Dear Leader.”

Fox News on Birmingham

The spokesperson continued, “I mean, have you actually seen Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly on our shows? These are careful crafted comedic characters that have taken decades to refine into their current form.”

“We actually love it when people fall for something we’ve broadcast as being actual ‘news’.  Can you imagine?”

“It’s like when people fall for stories in The Onion, except we’re on television and we’re seen by literally tens of millions of impressionable minds.”