Cameron preparing for Obama trip with sideways cap and ‘rap music’

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David Cameron is spending time wearing a baseball cap and listening to rap music after worrying that he came across ‘too white’ during previous meetings with President Obama.

He is scheduled to visit Mr Obama on Thursday and Friday this week.

“What’s up my dogs,” said Mr Cameron to reporters yesterday.

“I’m very much looking forward to chilling with my homeboy Barack. I’m certain that it will be both def, and fresh.”

The two leaders will meet on Thursday and Friday and Cameron is keen to show that his knowledge of rap music is extensive after embarrassing himself last time by claiming his favourite rap record was ‘Let’s get ready to rumble,’ by PJ and Duncan.

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Mr Cameron was also keen to highlight his attire, selected especially for the trip.

“Of course, as many of the British ethnics will know, I am very much down with the ‘brothers’ and I think that by wearing this baseball cap sideways, Mr Obama will also come to appreciate that fact.”

Mr Cameron then excused himself to watch ‘the basketball.’

Shortly afterwards, the Chancellor George Osborne was observed entering 10 Downing Street wearing low-hanging jeans, gang colours and bandana.

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