All Australians to be ‘held responsible’ for Rupert Murdoch

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Most Australians are not egomaniac sociopaths, but until they do something about the cancer of Australians like Rupert Murdoch they must all be held responsible, experts have claimed today.

Despite many Australians publicly condemning Rupert Murdoch and his organisations, some have insisted that this does not go far enough.

Non-Australian Simon Williams told us, “Australians can make any statement they like, but what are Australians doing to truly root out the Rupert Murdochs?”

“It’s all well and good them saying that Rupert Murdoch doesn’t represent true Australians, but they all carry the same passport, don’t they?”

“If you asked Rupert Murdoch and any other Australian where they are from they would say ‘Australia’, wouldn’t they?”

“Sure, you ask any single Australian what they think of Rupert Murdoch and most will use words like scumbag, dishonest, horrific, morally bankrupt and so on, but if you ask them what they’ve done to actually stop Rupert Murdoch it’s a very different story.”

“Australians need to step up, or be condemned along with Murdoch.”

All Australians potentially a ‘Murdoch’

Australian Shane Matthews told us, “It’s incredibly unfair to tarnish all Australians with the Rupert Murdoch brush.”

“Just because we happen to have been born on the same landmass and share a passport doesn’t mean we’re like him.”

“If he is a despicable shit, it’s because he’s a despicable shit, not because he’s Australian.”

“The simple fact of us both being Australian doesn’t make me responsible for him.”

“I just wish you morons in the media could get your heads around that.”