Duke of York strenuously denies he had ten thousand men

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Buckingham Palace has issued a strong denial that the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, has been involved in bizarre hill marching based sexual practices.

According to reports up to ten thousand men are alleged to have been involved in incidents involving the Duke.

One participant, who cannot be named for legal reasons said “Me and loads of other guys were offered money to dress up in early 19th century uniforms and then march to the top of a hill.

“When we got there we were greeted by an extremely ‘excited’ Prince Andrew. He was very giggly now I think about it.

“Then, just when we thought it was all over, he seemed keen to make us march all the way back down again.”

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Another man, who also claims to have been involved claimed, “He was quite firm about it, when we were up we were up and when we were down we were down.”

Denying the claims a Buckingham Palace spokesman told us, “All allegations in this matter are false, and records will clearly show these men were neither up nor down.”