8 year-old criticised for revealing to trainee Vicar that God isn’t real

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An 8-year-old primary school student has been heavily criticised for revealing to a trainee vicar that God is just a fictional character people use to make themselves feel better.

The incident occurred at a carol service at St Mary’s Church, Stalham in Norfolk for Stalham Academy pupils on Monday night.

A member of the local congregation said the child, 8-year-old Jack Williams, had “spoiled the magic” of religion for the vicar.

The school said Williams had promised “not to make any such comments in the future”, and would allow members of the church to continue believing whatever they want, right up until they are old enough to realise the truth on their own.

Jack told us, “I didn’t mean to upset anyone, it’s just when she started talking about God being there at Christmas I explained that, like Santa, God was merely a construct of man designed to give meaning to our apparently meaningless existence.

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“She blinked a bit, then started looking around at people for reassurance, and then she started crying.

“I felt bad, of course, but I’m only eight and even I know there is no God. She should know by now, surely?

“I mean, a magic man in the sky who is everywhere at once deciding if you’ve been good or bad? No, I mean God, not Santa, but it’s an easy mistake to make I guess.

“She’ll get over it, just like I did when I realised Santa wasn’t real. And it doesn’t stop me enjoying Christmas, does it.”

Jesus, like Santa, but for grown-ups