Sony hackers urged to take offence at Adam Sandler’s next film

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The group behind the Sony hack which has led to the cancellation of The Interview, have been asked to take a closer look at anything Adam Sandler is working on.

The film The Interview, which stars James Franco and Seth Rogen was due for release over Christmas, but has been cancelled due to security concerns following threats from people who seem to really like Kim Jong Un but are nothing to do with North Korea.

Film fan Simon Williams told us, “I understand security is important, but I wanted to see The Interview, it sounds amusing, and I liked their previous work on the Kanye motorbike video.”

“Look, if these hackers really want to make the world a better place, then maybe they should look elsewhere in the movie industry for a deserving target.”

“Have they seen Jack & Jill? What about Bucky Larson? These are films that would really make me want to support any group that would engage in hacking to prevent them ever happening again.”

“Maybe we could start a rumour that Adam Sandler sneaks in little jokes about North Korea in all his films – really subtle stuff that you could miss the first few dozen times you watch them?”

“Surely that would be enough for DPRK to have him removed from our screens forever?”

“I could definitely support that.”